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When you need legal help, it is critical to choose a devoted, experienced and highly skilled attorney — one who will fully commit to you and your case. At Elkodssi Law Office, we offer the high level of service that is necessary to secure the resolution that works for you.

We want to offer affordable and effective help to those who are faced with challenges that are outside of their ability to resolve completely. As consumers, it can often feel like there is little that we can do to protect and advocate for ourselves. In family law matters, it might be automatic to fear the worst and try to construct what defenses you can.

Without a strong lawyer on your side, your voice and your effectiveness truly are marginalized.

The Resources To Make Things Right

Since 2005, our Dearborn-based law firm has been helping people in Michigan resolve a variety of the most difficult legal situations. In the over 15 years that Mr. El Kodssi has been serving the needs of clients in the U.S. and internationally, he has built a reputation for providing highly effective service, of which he is very proud. We believe in helping you understand how the law affects your particular situation as well as advancing your best interests in any legal forum.

To learn more about Mr. El Kodssi’s background, please follow the link below.

Hayssam El Kodssi

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Let’s talk about your unique case and discuss your legal options. Please email our firm or call us at (313) 406-8935 to schedule a meeting.

We provide services in English, Arabic and French.

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