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Child Custody And Support

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Defining Your Child Custody And Support Agreements

You and your spouse can reach amicable agreements regarding child custody and support through negotiation or mediation, but it is important to have experienced legal representation through the process. The Michigan family law court will evaluate your agreements based on your child’s best interests. Of course, we will as well, but without the representation of a dedicated lawyer, your personal interests will play a distant second fiddle.

Don’t Leave It All Up To The Judge

We can help you achieve your goals and avoid court litigation. Alternative dispute resolution methods, such as negotiation and mediation, can work to protect your children from adversarial arguments between you and your spouse — arguments that if left unresolved can lead to court orders from the judge that will be out of your control.

We can help you sow the seeds of an amicable relationship moving forward. When children are involved in divorce, you will always retain some sort of relationship with the other parent.

What Does The Family Law Judge Consider In Child Custody And Support Agreements?
A number of factors, unique to your situation. For child custody the judge will be concerned with:
  • Which parent has been the primary caregiver of the child?
  • Which parent will live where the child goes to school?
  • What is the relationship history between each of the parents and the child?
  • Are both parents capable of making decisions about the child’s education, religion and health care?
  • Are both parents’ homes safe and suitable for a child to live there?
For child support, factors include:
  • Gross income of each parent
  • The number of children who need support
  • Day care, health insurance and any special needs costs of children
  • Any support obligations to children from other relationships
  • The details of your child custody agreement and parenting plan

We will passionately advocate for your best interests along with your child’s, concerning decisions made regarding physical and legal custody. If substantial changes occur after your agreements are finalized, we are able to assist you with issues involving modifications to custody and support.

Founding attorney Hayssam A. El Kodssi is also a highly experienced international child custody attorney in Dearborn. Our firm handles international child custody disputes, abductions and issues for clients in the U.S. and across the globe.

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