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Credit Card And Medical Debt

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Relieving Your Credit Card And Medical Debts

We will help you properly and completely explore your debt relief options, including debt consolidation, debt settlement or mortgage modification that might help you gain the financial footing you’re seeking without having to file for bankruptcy. It is possible to prevent bankruptcy if you take action quickly. Credit card and medical debts can sometimes be settled for pennies on the dollar.

However, if filing for bankruptcy is in your best interests, we will tell you. At Elkodssi Law Office in Dearborn, we will help you make informed decisions about your future. Bankruptcy isn’t the social stigma it once was. You have the constitutional right to file for bankruptcy and get a fresh financial start if you need to. Of course, this option is only available once every seven years.

Filing for bankruptcy can wipe away credit card and medical debts completely. Unsecured, dischargeable debt is holding you back from financial freedom and being able to afford other payments.

Benefits Of Filing Bankruptcy

Whether you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be able to benefit from:

  • The automatic stay, which takes effect immediately after you file.
  • Being able to afford paying off other secured debts such as your mortgage, car payments, student debt, tax debt and other personal loans.
  • Beginning to rebuild your credit score while you are under bankruptcy protection.
Credit card debt, medical debt and other unsecured debts are the worst types of debt.
The interest alone will consume your finances for years, if not decades. Our law firm helps debtors in Wayne County and southeast Michigan take prudent steps in protecting their homes, possessions, savings and futures.

Speak With An Effective Bankruptcy Lawyer

Please email us or call (313) 406-8935 to schedule a meeting with Hayssam A. El Kodssi. His over 15 years of legal experience are your ticket to a fresh financial start.

We provide services in English, Arabic and French.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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