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Credit Repair And Identity Theft

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Rebuilding Your Credit And Solving Identity Theft

Many people have financial problems they do not know how to solve. Some people think bankruptcy might be the best option. Other people are afraid there is no solution to their situation.

At Elkodssi Law Office, we are committed to helping our clients find a solution for every financial situation. We know that filing for bankruptcy is not the best option for everyone, and we take the time to understand our clients and their financial goals. When you contact our firm, we will talk with you until you have all the answers you needs.

In addition, unlike some companies that hire lay people to provide support, we are a team of qualified lawyers. Our lawyers are trained at helping people regain their financial freedom. We work with clients throughout Dearborn and Southeast Michigan.

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Credit Repair

Almost everyone is familiar with the concept of a credit score, and most people know what impacts that negatively. However, many people do not know how to repair their credit. We work with our clients to reduce their debt and improve their credit score without filing for bankruptcy.

Our attorneys will work directly with your creditors to negotiate or consolidate your payments. We can help save your record and avoid costly mistakes.

Identity Theft

Many people do not know what to do after they have been the victim of identity theft. They think they have to file bankruptcy to remove the negative items from their credit report. We work closely our clients and their creditors to fix the problem directly through the creditor. A trained attorney can run an investigation and consult the police report to help ensure everything is removed from your record.

At Elkodssi Law Office,

we know there are numerous ways to solve problems, and we never assume it is in a person’s best interest to file bankruptcy. Contact our firm online or call (313) 406-8935 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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